Pots for Plant on Sale

Every plant needs either ground, pot or grow bag to be grown in. So here we have added pots to our gardening product line. As we do not have space to store huge quantity, we would be following a model of source as per the order. The minimum order quantity per pot shall vary. We wouldn’t be able to accept any order for single pot. It is a prepaid service. Payment against each order has to be made in advance. Images are of the sample pots sourced. Pot Size along with the Price and Minimum Order Quantity is duly mentioned.

Size and Price List:

Product No: fnm100

Size in cms: 20.4*13.5*15.4

Price: Rs.120/- per piece

Postage & Handling Additional

Minimum Order Quantity: 10

Product No: fnm101

Size in cms: 12*6.8*10.1

Price: Rs.20/- per piece

Postage & Handling Additional

Minimum Order Quantity: 50

Product No: fnm102

Size in cms: 12.8*9.4*11

Price: Rs.25/- per piece

Postage & Handling Additional

Minimum Order Quantity: 50

Product No: fnm103

Size in cms: 11*8*9.4

Price: Rs.15/- per piece

Postage & Handling Additional

Minimum Order Quantity: 100

Product No: fnm104

Size in cms: 27*13.3*20.8

Price: Rs.120/- per piece

Postage & Handling Additional

Minimum Order Quantity: 10

Product No: fnm105

Size in cms: 25.8*12.2*11.2

Price: Rs.80/- per piece

Postage & Handling Additional

Minimum Order Quantity: 20

Product No: fnm106

Size in cms: 9.8*7.1*8.4

Price: Rs.12/- piece

Postage & Handling Additional

Minimum Order Quantity: 100


We accept orders from across India. Please note all the orders will be sent via speed post only.

For inquiry / placing order, call us on 9819136308



Poly Grow Bags for your plant

So, we have few size of poly grow bags for growing plants:

Sizes available:- 8″,10″,12″,19″,21″.


8″ @ Rs.20/-

10″ @ Rs.30/-

12″ @ Rs.40/-

19″ and 20″ @ Rs.70/-

Additional postal charges applicable. No hand delivery.

Cost effective way of growing plants.

Remember to make drainage holes before using the bag.

We take orders for across India.

For inquiry/order, connect with us on 9819136308.

Below is the image of 19″ bag. Can be used to grow more than one plant.


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Request Vegetable Seeds

For all those who want to have a kitchen garden or add vegetable plant to existing garden, connect with us and request for seeds. We shall try arranging all needed variety of seeds for you at flat Rs.40/- or Rs.50/- per pack depending on variety.

These seeds would be local seeds, easy to grow and if taken care of will surprise you with good germination rate.

Seeds will be in zip pouch. Remember it’s not branded.

Please note: As we will be fetching local seeds, there will be less possibility of getting English/Exotic seeds. Seeds that are quickly available – Tomato, French Beans, Onion, Lady Finger, Green Peas, Bottle Gourd, Spinach etc.

Flat of Rs.40/- postal charges applicable. Buy minimum 4 varieties. No hand delivery possible.

We welcome order from across India location.

For inquiry/order, connect with us on 9819136308.

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Experiment With Potting Mix

It is not just about following the tradition but also trying new techniques. Simply experimenting 😊.

I did the same with my potting mix for growing seeds and was overwhelmed with the success.

Normally I used: coco peat, soil and mixed little or no vermiculite but this time I did something different 😊:

Have a bag filled with normal potting mix that consist of coco peat, soil and a small portion of vermiculite…oops forgot to mention and all used and reused soil too 😁… 
So for experimentation with my seedling potting mix, I did the below:

Starting from bottom layer:

1. Portion of normal potting mix (from the bag I have made).

2. Portion of washed sand.

3. Placed seeds (Used local seeds. Not branded 😂).

4. Sprinkle of washed sand.

5. Portion of red soil.

6. Sprayed water.

See the progress.

Seeds sown in one single pot: Lady Finger, French Bean and Cabbage. Oops I dropped an extra Cabbage seed too close to French Bean seed 😝… Actually the French Bean seed growth seems too good to occupy more space ☺️… No worries, all is well. 

growing good

close up of the awesomely growing french bean seedling

Home Gardening

For all gardening enthusiast, we invite you to be part of our FB page click Flowersandmore

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Feel free to connect with us on our FB Page for all your queries pertaining to home gardening.

Kitchen Garden Grow Kit

Here we come with Kitchen Garden Grow Kit:

Content of the kit:
Potting Mix (Mix of Coco Peat, Soil and Vermiculite)
1 Pot (pot shape can differ) (size remains the same)
1 Seed Pack

Seed Pack Choice (Select one):
Tomato San Marzano
Spring Onion

This kit shall cost Rs.160/-

Delivery points and timing:
Andheri East or West Outside Station (Between 12.30pm to 3pm)(Mon to Fri).

Mira Road Station (Between 4.30pm to 5pm only) (Mon to Fri).

Kashimira (Between 5.30pm to 6.30pm only) (Mon to Fri) (Additional Transportation Charges Rs.80/-)

Ghatkopar Metro Station (Additional Transportation Charges Rs.80/-) (Between 2.30pm to 3.30pm only) (Mon to Fri).

Additional Rs.60/- for delivery on Saturday/Sunday/timing apart from mentioned above/Holiday.

Order should be placed one working day prior.

Orders taken for across India Locations.

Courier option available with additional cost applicable.

Interested!!! Connect with us on admin@flowersandmore.in

Asides, be part our Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/flowersandmore.in

Happy Gardening!!!


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