Sorry for no post

Apologies to all my readers for not blogging. Caught up with work so didn’t find time to put up my recent experiences.

Now that I have alloted a little time space, let me tell you about the new happenings:

Had Amaryllis Lily Bloom.

Had Foot Lily Bloom.

Had added few new cactus’ (almost all sold out). Mostly by this weekend, coming up with new stock. For purchase of cactus, please feel free to connect with me.

Had my Cactus Bloom.

Had my awesome Ixora Bloom. Still in bloom.

Caladiums are doing perfectly well this season too.

All Amaryllis Lily And Eucharis Bulbs sold out.

All Caladium Bulbs sold out.

Tried Self Watering container with tomato, muskmelon and brinjal. Success…..

….my experience list seems endless…

Some unfortunate experiences too: 

Sparrows and pigeons feasted/distroyed my coriander and spinach growth.

Pigeons destroyed First on the way bloom of Bat Flower….I hope to see one…Being Positive…

….it feels I am complaining about unfortunate experiences…but they too are never ending and depressing 😢…

Anyways, I shall put up recent past and present pictures in upcoming posts of new blooms and experiences.

As I am too active, requesting all to like and follow me on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.

Link to like my FB page:

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For any gardening supplies – plants, coco peat, seeds, bulbs, grow bags etc…Feel free to connect with me on 9819136308….I shall try my best to source the required products.

Happy Gardening.


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