Today’s Harvest

I call it a sign of healthy plant. Strawberry plants doing great. Fruit of the plant. Many more on its way.

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2 thoughts on “Today’s Harvest

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  1. hi Jacob,

    Can I get a runner of your strawberry plant? Also I would like to buy succulents.

    Congratulations on the success of Jerusalem artichoke plant..

    Please let me know,

  2. Hi,

    How have you been. Did you try your hands on the galangal rhizomes?

    Thank you so much for following my blog.

    This is the first time strawberry plants are around at my place. Ain’t sure how would they be in summer. I can give away a plant to you.

    Jerusalem Artichoke has been a wonder surprise. First time try and a pleasant surprise. Doing well for now. Once the plant reaches a considerable height, I shall be fetching some more rhizomes. Will share them with you too.

    About Succulents, message/whatsapp/mail me your contact number or mail id. My contact details: 9819136308/

    Will share the images of succulents and cactus have around with me.

    You can even check the images on my FB page:

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