Experiment With Potting Mix

It is not just about following the tradition but also trying new techniques. Simply experimenting 😊.

I did the same with my potting mix for growing seeds and was overwhelmed with the success.

Normally I used: coco peat, soil and mixed little or no vermiculite but this time I did something different 😊:

Have a bag filled with normal potting mix that consist of coco peat, soil and a small portion of vermiculite…oops forgot to mention and all used and reused soil too 😁… 
So for experimentation with my seedling potting mix, I did the below:

Starting from bottom layer:

1. Portion of normal potting mix (from the bag I have made).

2. Portion of washed sand.

3. Placed seeds (Used local seeds. Not branded πŸ˜‚).

4. Sprinkle of washed sand.

5. Portion of red soil.

6. Sprayed water.

See the progress.

Seeds sown in one single pot: Lady Finger, French Bean and Cabbage. Oops I dropped an extra Cabbage seed too close to French Bean seed 😝… Actually the French Bean seed growth seems too good to occupy more space ☺️… No worries, all is well. 

growing good

close up of the awesomely growing french bean seedling

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