Set of Balcony Plants

Are you new into gardening or looking for new set of plants or reworking on your balcony/window and confused??? Don’t think much, just connect with us and we shall suggest you set of plants to be placed in your balcony/window.

In this service, we suggest and arrange and deliver the plants.

All plants will be potted/grow bagged (you can choose), so you need to only place it and take care of it.

Our charges for the same shall depend upon the number of plants and variety plus transportation.

For order or inquiry, please connect with us on 9819136308.

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2 thoughts on “Set of Balcony Plants

Add yours

    1. Hi,

      Ok. Where do you put up???

      Currently we have basil, oregano, Alpinia galangal (Thai ginger), kamperia galangal, lemon balm, curry leaf….pudina can be arranged…

      Thyme and Sage will take some time…suggestion: purchase of these two should be done post rain and on arrival of new stock.

      You could get in touch with us on 9819136308.

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