Available List of Plants On Sale

Here is the list of few plants available for sale. Click on the name of the plant to view the image.

Ixora Orange @ Rs.200/- (Flowering Plant)

Ixora Pink @ Rs.120/- (Flowering Plant)

Ixora White @ Rs.120/- (Flowering Plant)

Show Plant 1 @ Rs.50/- (Non Flowering Plant)

Show Plant 2 @ Rs.70/- (Non Flowering Plant)

Varieties of Cactus (Price Depends upon the variety) (Price Range between Rs.200/- to Rs.600/-).

List of 13 Varieties of Cactus

1 Variety of Cactus

1 Variety of Cactus

Heliconia Psittacorum  @ Rs.160/-

Turmeric Sapling @ Rs.80/-

Non Poly bagged Turmeric Sapling @ Rs.50/-

Pepper Creeper @ Rs.150/-

Hydrangea @ Rs.150/-

Alpinia Galangal (Thai Ginger Rhizome) @ Rs.160/-

Please note all plants would be poly bagged. Additional cost shall be applicable if one needs it potted.

When it comes to Cactus, the price range mentioned is only of the Cactus bare root. So if you want it potted, please specify the same. Additional cost shall be applicable.

For order/queries/request for plants, please connect with us via call on 9819136308 / mail us on admin@flowerandmore.in

Offer Flat 20% off on Minimum Billable amount of Rs.300/-.

Delivery Points only Andheri Station and Mira Road Station (Free Delivery at these points available only for minimum billable amount of Rs.300/-). Rest below the billable cap will be charged Rs.80/- additional for delivery between Virar to Dadar.

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