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Size does matter!!!

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Don’t get thinking with the title of my post, here we will stick to the issue of “size” and the domain being Growing Plants. In particular the size of the pot/container.

I am relatively young when it comes to my experience with growing plants. I guess that gives me every liberty to come up with mistakes and i do have my share of errors committed. The most common of them being Size of pot & the amount of watering a plant needs.

We will discuss the “Size” issue here.

Basil has turned out to be my favorite plant and by the end of the year i guess i will have dozens of Basil plants of different varieties. Size of the container does reflect on their growth.

My affair with Basil started somewhere at the end of august /beginning of September, sweet basil it was. What i like most is its soothing, sweet scent.


This image above was taken on 11th of October.

Sweet Basil Re-potted measuring 22 cms.

Sweet Basil Re-potted measuring 22 cms.

I call them twins. Planted the seeds in the 1st week of September, so they are around a month old.

The Basil on the right was re-potted around 10 days earlier (1st Oct.)from the transparent plastic cups i use for seed germination. After changing the container from 2.5 inches cup to 6 inches pot the change is quite evident. Sweet Basil has grown a lot greener, taller and bushier.

Around 20th of October i re-potted the other  sweet Basil in a 6 inches container, and monitored its progress. They did make a lot of progress.

Below is the latest images of the twins taken on 3rd November.

The Sweet Basil that was re-potted first of the twins

The Sweet Basil that was re-potted first of the twins

The previous images of the above Basil on 11th October showed the height of the plant at 22 cms, now on the 3rd of November it measures more than 50 cms with small branches .

Smaller of the Twins that was re-potted last week of October.

Smaller of the Twins that was re-potted last week of October.

The above image taken on 3rd of November is of the basil that was re-potted into a 6 inches container around 20th of October. Seems to have made the new pot its home and thriving, from less then 20 cms it has grown in to 35-40 cms and looks a lot healthier. The twins are branching from every leaf. Hoping it add a lot of volume instead of being leggy.

The Size of the container does have a healthier effect on the plants,  i guess the same health can be achieved by adding nutrients to the plants and providing sufficient sunlight and adequate water.

Making it simpler with images of both plants separately ,Plant 1  and Plant 2

Plant 1














Plant 2














Images from my basil Family Below as on 3rd Nov.:

3-11largbranches largenew branches3-11smallbranches23-11largbranches3-11largetop3-11largetop23-11smallbranches3-11smalltop2bugbigDSC_0379familybail


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