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Basil in my garden


I had mentioned in my last post about my adventure growing Rajnigandha (Polianthes Tuberosa). I had received a complimentary basil seed pack with lots of tiny seeds in it along with Rajnigandha (polianthes tuberosa). This is my first time growing Basil & just the second plant that i tried growing in my entire existence.

Plastic Glass

plastic glass

Plastic Glass filled with coco peth

Glass +coco peth

I had many plastic transparent glasses, normally used as disposable glasses during small gatherings. Took 6 glasses drilled small holes at the bottom of each glass, filled them half with coco peth, poured water & let it drain and then sprinkled some seeds of Basil in each glass.Some seeds germinate faster, some take time & some don’t respond.

Below is the pics of the seeds germinated after a week.

Plastic Glass filled with coco peth

Plastic Glass filled with coco peth


seeds germinating after a weeks time









The below pics is around after 25-30 days(not sure of the time line),

Basil Sapling

Basil Sapling

Basil sapling

Basil sapling

Care needs to be taken after the seeds germinate and till true leaf appears.

I had keep the seedling in some shade till true leaf appear, just wanted to protect it from harsh sunlight. I am not sure about how much sunlight the seedling needs to be exposed to, just went with my hunch and my observation of the plants health.The plant is now more than a month old, 5- 6 leaves on the baby plant and the leaves really smell good.

Recent Snap:

Plants 140Receint Images of basil plant

will transplant the plant from the plastic glass to a small plastic pot & will add some compost to see how it grows.



Fellow bloggers Please feel free to share your experience with me.Need a lot of tips.


10 thoughts on “Basil in my garden

  1. looks really awesome jacob. i got a question about soil. did u just use coco peet in those plastic cup or do we have to add mud to it? and what soil do u use when you will transfer it to bigger plastic pot? am trying to grow an avocado from seed, and bonsai it later.

    • Hi Liji,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Initially getting coco peth was a challenge, so using locally available soil was the only option. Currently for seed germination i am using only coco peth.
      Once the seed germinate and the true leafs appear i add a little compost on the surface, coco peth has no nutrients in it for the plant to survive & grow.
      coming to your query about the soil i will use when i transfer it to a bigger pot…..i will add 1/3 compost to the new pot & the 2/3 coco peth. Observing the plants health will help you come up with your own mix for plants.Quite a challenge you have taken up, Avocado from seeds and a bonsai out of it.I have read somewhere that avocado seeds do germinate easily.Do keep me updates on your tryst with avocado.

    • Hi Liji,

      you seem to be out of radar.
      Wanted to share my happiness with you. I have created a facebook page and would appreciate if you could give me a visit.


      Importantly how are your plants doing??? Avocado plant, how is it?
      Hoping to hear from you.

      Warm Regards,


  2. Hi,
    I am looking for basil, corriander, mint, oregano, rosemary plant in mumbai. Any idea where i can get good ones. Btw, I have grown avocado at home from seed it seems to be growing just fine.

  3. my avocado seems to be taking baby steps to sprout . can see signs of life in it….will send u a pic wen i can root it properly ….bought a new house and got tiny space in my kitchen window . u think i cud grow my herbs there in tiny pots?…..it gets good sunlight.

    • wishing good health for your Avocado.If your kitchen window gets ample sunlight for 4 or more hours a day you can grow most things.Will suggest you to buy/use a rectangular container and grow herbs together, you can avoid mint.Am going to try growing and create a herbs garden for my window sill in a rectangular container.

      Keep me posted.

      Happy Gardening.



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