Gardening Time…

After a lot of changes i have started gardening.Moved to a new place so that i can have space and lots of sunlight to finally getting it started.

Last month my order of Rajnigandha (polianthes tuberosa) bulbs arrived accompanied by free complimentary seeds of Basil, i was very glad n anxious at the same time.Its been something i have been itching to do for almost 2 long years and finally the day arrives. I had already bought all the basic supplies like Plastic pots of 6,8 & 10 , two small bags of local dirt form a nursery nearby and i had a little coco peth from my previous purchase.

I was set with basic needs to start gardening, but not much know how. Having read from blogs of many gardening superstars i knew i will meet with more failures and limited success. Cant compare my bookish knowledge with years of experience my superstar bloggers hold.

I had 12 Bulbs of Rajnigandha (polianthes tuberosa), in 1 pot of “8” i planted 4 bulbs, Planted each bulb deep enough that 1/3 of the bulb was exposed above the ground(coco peth), with tail side upwards.watered it well for couple of days
Important Note:
#6 Inches spacing btw bulbs. (i actually crowded my pot)
#Well drained soil.
#and my dear sun should be shining well.
#Compost/ manure can do wonders.( i am yet to buy some compost)

Within a few days the bulbs came to life with green shoots, within 10 days or so the pots was filled with leaves, all bulbs were healthy & green. With this new found confidence i planted the balance 8 bulbs in 2 pots filled with coco peth, followed the same pattern.Eureka!! all my pots turned green. Lots of leaves, thin long green leaves in all 3 pots.


I forgot to keep a timeline of things.Importantly need to work on my Photographic skills.

This was the first time in my life, i mean all my life, the experience was wonderful.Getting up every day and checking how the plants are doing, are the leaves wilting, is the soil dry. I realized that i had planted too many in a single pot( first pot), the leaves were not looking that healthy, leaves were a little thinner than the other pots. Good lesson for next time.

One fine morning after a month i saw a stalk bearing tiny buds surrounded by leaves, the stalk from 10 inches initially has now grown into 1 and half feed, with a small cluster of green buds at the top. They look delicate, very delicate, need to support the stalk with stick to protect it from wind.I guess am a little lazy, still searching for stick to support the stalk.

30082013225Rajnigandhabuds07092013318 07092013319

The the stalk is growing taller with few buds on top of it.

Things are doing fine as of now, just wondering when will the other bulbs flower.

PS:Hoping to connect with fellow gardeners in Mumbai.


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  1. hi Jacob !!… i was searching for some blogs on balcony gardening in MUmbai and came across yours.. i was particularly interested in this post as i too have recently planted 3 tuberose bulbs in a pot (approx a month back). so far they look good.. 🙂 bt i guess i made d same mistake as you of planting too many in a single pot.. waiting eagerly for the blooms though… i too am a newbie in gardening bt i soo love it!!! 🙂 kindly do lemme know if u have any knowledge bout the kind of feed this plant requires… happy gardening!

    1. Hi Shailaja,

      So happy to hear from a fellow gardener.
      I have recently replanted the Bulbs from last year, they didn’t even take a week to come alive.Have planted them in a grow bag,Lets see how it does.
      Care to be taken for tuberose:
      Well drained soil.
      Lots of sun
      be generous with Vermi Compost/Cow Dung.
      water alternate day.
      Should take around 4 months for them to bloom if the bulbs are mature.

      what else are you growing???????
      Am so addicted to gardening that sometimes i feel i mite turn green:)
      Basil, turmeric, ginger,spinach, coriander,heliconia, lemon, black pepper and more…..most of my plants are at early stages.
      Do write back to me with if possible with images of your plant.

      Happy Gardening.

      Warm Regards,

      1. Hey!! Thanks a lot for dat info Jacob.

        Iv planted my tuberose bulbs in well drained soil but they hardly receive around 4 hours of full sunlight 😦
        I guess il have to shift their location soon…

        So far iv tried growing only from bulbs. i find it easier to grow from bulbs than seeds… Around 6months back, had planted gladioli bulbs in a planter around 13″ high and witnessed beautiful blooms in white and peach… sadly they bloom just once and gradually the leaves die n fall back. Then its a patient wait before replanting the bulbs again.

        Had planted a single lily bulb around 3months back… no blooms yet.. maybe with the monsoons coming to an end, that will change soon , super duper excited for dat one!!! 🙂

        Other that these i have plants from cuttings… coleus, rose, anantha, poinsettia, mini tagar.. will be trying lemon I wish I had an open gardening space in the backyard.. coz how many ever plants i get home, I still want more! 🙂

        will post the pics soon

        1. most hobby gardeners share your feeling of having gardening space in their backyard!! If I had one I would sure turn it in to a nursery!
          I guess bulbs do take time to mature and bloom heavily, even my tuberose had blossomed just once and then I ran out of patience.Now I take pleasure in seeing my plants stay healthy and if they bloom that’s a bonus.
          From where do you get flower bulbs in Mumbai???? I am hunting for caladium bulbs.
          compliments!! you have a wonderful flower garden at your place, it does take a lot of effort to maintain so many plants.

          Do share images of your plants.

          Happy Gardening

          1. iv seen vermi- compost mentioned in one of your posts… what exactly is it?? potting material or similar to compost?? where do you buy it from? And if possible kindly guide me on planting lemon. As in how big a container is reqd. how tall does the plant grow. i have limited space left near the window now 😛

            1. Hi Dr.,

              Vermi Compost is similar to compost, easily available at any garden supplies shop.
              Lemon Plant – I think i will write in detail about it in my next blog. So if you are planning to buy 1 hold on. When it comes to nimbu plant there is ” Kabhi Kushi and lots of Gum)

              Did love the clicks you sent.
              Your Tagar plant looks so picture perfect, so lush and green with pretty flowers and Glads in bloom is always a pretty sight.

              Happy Diwali in advance!!!Have load of fun and sweets.

              Happy Gardening!!

            2. Hi Shailaja,

              How are your plants doing???
              i am blogging on another domain ( do pay a visit.

              Importantly, would you be interested in writing about your experiences in growing plants n b willing to author them on my blog. Am trying to add up with like minded hobby gardeners and post articles on my blog.

              do revert.
              Warm Regards,

              Jacob D.

  2. Luckily for me I had fun with gladioli bulbs… they didn’t test my patience though its been a long wait for the lilies now. But like most greenery fans, even the sight of healthy foliage makes me equally happy. Iv added d pics link below. i purchased them along with Anantha plant at a plant exhibition at Maharashtra Nature Park (Nisarga Udyan) Sion- Dharavi. Went there with a friend with similar interests in gardening.

    The tuberose bulbs , i got them couriered from a friend at Mangalore!! 😀 yeah when outstation frenz/relatives come over I ask them 2 bring over plants/bulbs… but not all have survived my experimental fingers.. But i believe my gardening skills are improving by the day.. all knowledge from the net.

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