Gardening Supplies!


Nope! I am yet to re-start my Gardening passion.I am not sure if i can call it my passion, am yet to start .

Last year i had done a lot of research on where to source supplies from..ete..

Your nearby Plant Nursery may have varieties of plants (not sure what will grow on it at the end), soil, pots, some may even sell compost.

This is not an advert to promote any seller:

List of garden supplies sellers in Mumbai Only.

1)Ratanshi Agro .

Shop no.175, Dr. Ambedkar Road, Byculla East, Mumbai.

Tel No:022 2378 2596.

Exp: I did call them to check if they have supplies i need, yes for all but no NPK.

2)Adarsh Stores

Mr Vasant Shah/Mr Hitendra Shah

Meghbai Ramji Mansion, Near Bhaba Veg Mrkt, Lokmanya Tilak Rd,

Borivli West, Mumbai 400091, Tel No. 28019255/28339255

Exp:you will get Ccco peth & other soil less medium to grow,pots some fertilizer. NPK is not available. Seeds of spinach, dhania, hybrid cabbage, corn, mostly of hybrid .

3)Vriksha Nursery.-Mr. Shaan Lalwani.

Irla railway soc(2nd last bungalow lane opp papilon hotel )
mumbai 400056.
Exp:I have interacted with shaan via email, seems chilled out n passionate about all things plant, all other suppliers take gardening as their business. Shaan Lalwani seems passionate about what he does.
Saplings/plants, seeds, growing medium…you name it Vriksha Nursery has it.
I have not interacted with him 1 to 1.
Definitely  calls for a try.
Visit Vriksha Nursery @
4) Ankur Nursery :Nikhil Bhagwat & Shraddha Bhagwat.
Tel: +91-22-65985564
Nursery Address:
Swastik Park,
Near Mangal Anand Hospital,
Off Eastern Express Highway,
Chembur, Mumbai – 400 071.
Timing: 10:00 am. to 6:00 pm.
Open on all 7 days.
(except major bank holidays)
Exp:No personal experience of any purchase .
They call themselves ‘A One Stop Shop’ 
Visit their website:
I am not sure if they sell seeds.
There are many more suppliers/sellers, but it will require a lot more time to compile the list.
The problem most of the time in purchasing plants & other stuff is transportation.So most people prefer to by it from the neighborhood nursery.
For people staying on the western side between Andheri to Malad there are a few big nurseries selling nice variety of plants, soli & pots on S.V Road.
The easiest way to get saplings, plants & all things is to be in touch with like minded people.People with desire & passion for green.Its a difficult world out there …specially if you want to grow plants in a city like Mumbai.
The data presented above may not be accurate & will be super glad to be corrected, if you know of any supplier please add the address & other details  in the comment section.That will help a lot many people.
Cheers!! Let it Grow.

7 thoughts on “Gardening Supplies!

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  1. Shaan doesn’t sell seeds. I have been to his nursery 2-3 times. You can buy saplings and plants. You forgot to mention one more store. It’s just before Crawford market. The name starts with P, I think. It’s a nice store where you can get all the equipment and seeds.

    Sadly I have stopped gardening. All my plants got unhealthy and died and I got depressed. I didn’t start again.

    1. Hi Sushma,
      Do not give up, really nice to hear from you. I have this bad habit of collecting plants and other supplies, if you wish to restart i will courier some bulbs or seeds to you.
      Do let me know how things turn out.
      Thanks 4 writing back.

      Warm Regards,

      1. Hi Jacob,

        I have started gardening again. Saw most of your posts last week. Nice to see that you are selling seeds too.

        Where are you based? Maybe I can pickup something from your shop.

        I am interested in Pandan, Galangal. This time I have decided to stick with herbs and root veggies.

        Hope to hear from you,

        1. Hi Sushma,

          Welcome back to Gardening.

          Last year I stored seeds but this year have a changed plan.

          I have a set source of vendor I fetch the seeds from as and when a requirement pop up.

          I don’t have a shop. I arrange products for my clients. I still stick to being hobby gardener 😁.

          That’s nice to hear you look forward to growing herbs and roots. It’s always a pleasure to have herbs on window pane/balcony.

          I am in process of sourcing some herb saplings for one of my client, once it arrives will let you know.

          I currently have pandanus and galangal available.

          Let me know where do you put up?

          Please be part of my page too:


          1. I have galangal in the fridge. Can I just cut some part and stick it in soil? Will it grow? How does pandan propagate?

            I have started basil today. sweet and thai basil. Used the root hormone. Hope it picks up.

            I am in Goregaon. Also your succulents are beautiful. You have a nice collection.


            1. If you see any eye on the galangal then there are chances of it growing. You can then sow it in soil.

              I had grown pandanus via root cutting.

              Thanks so much. Have developed a craze for cactus and succulents 😁.

              Once I source herb saplings, I shall share some with you.

              Please drop your contact details via mail on or message / whatsapp on 9819136308.

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