Its not easy….

My last post was around dec.2011.

I tried to grow Chilly & Spinach .

I went to a shop in Boriwali, that sells things required grow Plants Coco Peat, seeds, pots & compost. Was very happy to get all in a days time, it was like now am ready to go.I had small pots, filled then with coco peat and a small layer of compost on the top.

Pot 1 with Spinach seeds.

Pot 2 with Chilly seeds & Tomato ( cherry Tomatoes i got from GG)

The seed were small so i just dabbed them on the top of the soil, in a few days time the seeds germinated, in couple of days they were 3- 4 inches tall.The sad part was before True Leaves could come out they all died slowly.

I read a lot after that incident . Th e only thing i can conclude with is …Growing plants at home can be learned only by trial n error.You just don’t give up.

Will be happy to connect with people from mumbai..with similar experience.

My last experience was in dec.2011…I have not given up.

Imp. Note: GG has started his Kitchen Garden supplies business in Bangaluru. Hoping that will be helpful in sourcing supplies.


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