Still getting started

Continuing from my last post.
I wish to start my kitchen garden with Cherry Tomato being my first experiment.My inspiration GG(geekgardener) who has his great blog on terrace gardening and a celebrity among terrace gardener was suppose to be my source for Cherry Tomato seeds,I have emailed him about my desire to grow Cherry Tomato & GG has offered to help.its been a week & am yet to receive seeds.Can assume GG would be busy with his day time job.I am positive of GG to obliging my request.In the mean time i am trying to find out points of supply in mumbai.Mind you finding supplies like soli,seeds & other things is really difficult in mumbai.I have mailed across to many seed companies & have received good reverts but i will wait for GG to reply & get my first batch of seeds from him & then order form other suppliers.I seriously hope to connect with some Garden enthusiast form mumbai.
Will take my baby steps in to kitchen gardening by the end of the month.

PS:Creating a blog is a real challenge.Will need a lot of help


2 thoughts on “Still getting started

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  1. hello there!

    I am from goregaon and I am in the process of creating a kitchen garden. Hope to see more posts from you. I have mailed GG too but I have received no reply as of now. Let’s see

    1. Dear Sushma,
      So you are also a fan of GG.He is my inspiration.
      Sorry for replying so late.I was busy with other things so was unable to go ahead with my Grden plans.
      I hope to get some insights from you.Nice to know some form mumbai.
      Keep in touch.


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