Alpinia Galangal On Sale

Recently had a few inquiries for Alpinia Galangal  also known as Thai Ginger or Greater Galangal, so procured a few additional rhizomes.

Easy to grow in a pot or ground, spreads like normal ginger plant but a taller plant though.

Priced each at Rs.250/- plus Rs.150/- P&H (Postal & Handling – Packaging Charges).

We accept orders from Across India.

For order or inquiry, please connect with us on 9819136308.

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(We deal into plants, cactus and succulents, pot & planter, almost all gardening products. Please note many products are procured only on request basis).


Cactus & Succulent

To Cactus and Succulent Enthusiats/Collectors,

It is now more than three years that I involved myself into C&S and more than two years that I have been into C&S sales and I can say I am doing pretty good in the field.

Procurement of good C&S product from domestic as well as international market is definitely a challenge but when you are passionate about your work you will pass the hurdle smoothly.

Adding few images of C&S to this post and inviting all to like and follow my page


Back Again

It has been months I have scribbled and that isn’t an happening deal.

Many things I am up with:

I sourced en numbers of Cactus & Succulent (C&S) not just domestically but also internationally and have been successful in catering to many cactus collectors buying requirement plus adding a little to my collection (Not the exotic ones though – I just too fear of losing them).

A lot of learning is involved in taking care of C&S. I am still a learner in identifying and taking care of them and it does hurts when even after utmost care, you have to see them pass by. But end of the day its learning and I am a learner. I just hope I cross the mile of C&S learning soon. I am definitely not gonna be an expert in near future but I am sure going to gain a minimal expertise in coming years. Staying Positive.

I would like to invite you all to my FB Page Flowersandmore to have a look at all the new entrants in my world of C&S.

Keeping Gardening.

First Attempt Growing Sultan Cucumber

This has been first ever experience growing Sultan Cucumber and in bargain keeping no expectation from vine fruiting. Learning with experience is the belief followed. Surprise with no expectation but a successful learning experience. Sultan Cucumber vine fruited and have early harvested the first fruit of this beautiful growing vine. Cucumber sized 9 inch long. And few more on its way.

Alocasia Cucullata Plant on sale

Available: Two Small Sized Alocasia Cucullata (Image 2 of one Alocasia Plant)

Available: One Big Sized Alocasia Cucullata (Image 1)

Smaller Cucullata Priced at Rs.250 each plus P&H.

Bigger Cucullata Priced at Rs.600/- plus P&H.

Sold bareroot.

For inquiry / order, connect via call on 9819136308.

New Cactii

When we walked through a local nursery, we came across these Cactii drenched in rain and couldn’t see the two beauties must not forget two little pups alongside one ignored. So without wasting even a single more minute to decide, picked both of them up. To begin with, we shall first dry them from the drench and later repot.

Pots for Plant on Sale

Every plant needs either ground, pot or grow bag to be grown in. So here we have added pots to our gardening product line. As we do not have space to store huge quantity, we would be following a model of source as per the order. The minimum order quantity per pot shall vary. We wouldn’t be able to accept any order for single pot. It is a prepaid service. Payment against each order has to be made in advance. Images are of the sample pots sourced. Pot Size along with the Price and Minimum Order Quantity is duly mentioned.

Size and Price List:

Product No: fnm100

Size in cms: 20.4*13.5*15.4

Price: Rs.120/- per piece

Postage & Handling Additional

Minimum Order Quantity: 10

Product No: fnm101

Size in cms: 12*6.8*10.1

Price: Rs.20/- per piece

Postage & Handling Additional

Minimum Order Quantity: 50

Product No: fnm102

Size in cms: 12.8*9.4*11

Price: Rs.25/- per piece

Postage & Handling Additional

Minimum Order Quantity: 50

Product No: fnm103

Size in cms: 11*8*9.4

Price: Rs.15/- per piece

Postage & Handling Additional

Minimum Order Quantity: 100

Product No: fnm104

Size in cms: 27*13.3*20.8

Price: Rs.120/- per piece

Postage & Handling Additional

Minimum Order Quantity: 10

Product No: fnm105

Size in cms: 25.8*12.2*11.2

Price: Rs.80/- per piece

Postage & Handling Additional

Minimum Order Quantity: 20

Product No: fnm106

Size in cms: 9.8*7.1*8.4

Price: Rs.12/- piece

Postage & Handling Additional

Minimum Order Quantity: 100


We accept orders from across India. Please note all the orders will be sent via speed post only.

For inquiry / placing order, call us on 9819136308


Mumbai Cactus Sale


5 variants of cactus (small sized).

5 small plastic pots.

Cactus Potting mix (Coarse Granules).

Priced at Rs.1500/-

For outside Mumbai order, additional P&H charges applicable.

For order/inquiry, connect via call on 9819136308.

Mumbai Pick up points only Mira Road and Andheri Railway Station (Timing 1-3pm) (Monday to Saturday Only).

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